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The Impact of Sport Premium Funding

Having the introduction of a part time HLTA for PE has allowed the school to really broaden the spectrum in this subject. This has not only benefited the children’s learning experiences at Aspin Park, but also the teachers too. Given the opportunity to observe an enthusiastic PE teacher allows them to develop their knowledge further in PE (CPD).

Furthermore, there has been a greater opportunity for more children to participate in a real variety of sports and activities within inter-school competitions against other schools in the area. This is shown on the competition entries list given by Harrogate School Sports Partnership, where the total entries in year 2013-2014 were 18 for Aspin Park. In comparison to this year where there was already 19 by the start of March, including our first ever entry to the Key Steps Gymnastics Competition.

There has also been a stronger introduction to competitive sport for KS1. A total of 16 children have already been to a competition in various sports, with more upcoming competitions on the agenda. Over 100 different children across the school have competed in some way at an inter-school competition so far, showing a real drive to get children participating competitively.



 Harrogate School Sports Partnership

The Harrogate School Sports Partnership is hosted by Harrogate High School. 

Our VISION is to create a sustainable PE, School Sport and Physical Activity system as part of the core provision for all children and young people. Our MISSION is to positively impact on the lives of every young person attending Partnership schools through the opportunities that we provide. We promote the School Games VALUES of Determination, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Self Belief and Teamwork.