Aspin Park Academy

Aspin Park


 All children who will have their 5th birthday in the next academic year will be eligible to start school in September of that year. Children born between 1 September and 31 August will start full-time with us joining in a staggered start over the first week of term. You can register your interest in a place with us by calling the office in school hours. About 10 months before your child is due to start school we will write to everyone on our list and invite them to one of a series of visits to look round the school with a question and answer session.

Applications are co-ordinated by North Yorkshire County Council and not the school. You will find all the information you need at, including:

  • the criteria used to allocate places
  • arrangements for the admission of pupils to primary schools, including any special or social reasons why your child should be given special consideration for allocation to a particular school
  • eligibility for home-to-school transport
  • the online common application form, as well as how to complete it, which you need to do to start the process

The deadline for applying is usually around mid-January of the year your child will start school and it is important your application is made by that date. Printed forms are available or we are happy to help with internet access if you wish. When you apply online you will be given a reference number to confirm your application please make sure you keep a note of it.

North Yorkshire County Council will write to you around mid-April to tell you where your child has been allocated a place.